Life Story - Memory Jogger - Reminiscence Tools

My Personal Memory Jogger
The Social Activity Manual would be provided for each resident. This Life Story booklet is light weight with acetate cover and ring-bound for easy use. Having a resource as this in each resident’s room is ideal to encourage families, visitors and carers to help the resident add their life’s stories, photograph, favourites and interests for everyone to share. The memory jogger helps visitors and carers engage in meaningful conversations with the person they are visiting, caring for and love.
Record life’s stories, personal social history; interests; favourites. Designed to promote conversation and interaction with family, carers and visitors. Creates passport using sensitive text and subtly colourful response pages to use in residential care and a beautiful family keepsake …
Pages include: All About Me – School Days – Working Life – Family – Special People – Favourites – Activities I Enjoy – Places Visited and more.

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