Activity Apron – Full


Product Description

Happy Days Activity Aprons are designed to provide sensory stimulation for ladies or gents who might be experiencing repetitive hand movements or for people who are inclined to fidget, sometimes with their clothing.

An activity apron can provide interest and help calm agitations. Keeping hands busy with an assortment of tactile materials and everyday activities may help to alleviate tensions. Sustaining co-ordination by engaging in fine motor manoeuvres can boost blood flow and improve well-being.

Happy Days aprons are made from top quality fabric and are adorned with an assortment of:

ribbon tying – buttons – sliders – pockets – zipper – ribbon and more.


1 x General Carer Engagement Tips Card [laminated for wipe clean]

 * Aprons may vary slightly but will always be of the same quality, content and value.


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