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All About Me – Prepare for Independence booklets are designed to help young people consider, plan and enjoy their adult life ahead.

Pages range from helping a young person identify challenges, changes, ways around difficulties, broader needs and ways forwards.

Colourful response pages with sensitive text and themed images help young people consider options, express situations to support teams, consider and understand feelings and make plans for everyday well-being.

Can be used with support workers, school support, family or personally.

*All About Me books can be edited to contain specific information relevant to your student, young resident or young carer or organisation’s specific needs.

It isn’t always what you write or draw ~ it’s sometimes what happens when you do.

Topics include:

All About Me

Things I Enjoy

Wants & Needs

Mood Indicator

Stressed Out

Where Am I Going?


Interviews & Prep for Work

WOW Factor

Eating Healthily

My Life Ahead

Looking After Me

How am I Doing So Far?

Approx 16-18 Pages.

  • Ring-bound B5 booklet with areas to respond and/or prompt plans, lists and actions
  • Content and topics may vary but will always cover the individual: challenges: everyday living and ways forwards.
  • Email gillian@happydayspublishing if you would like any further information or require specific content.
  • Bulk purchases can be arranged at discounted pricing.

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