Antiques Roadshow & Reminiscence – Exclusive Activity & Reminiscence Pack


Product Description

Reminiscing is a wonderful way to help elderly and people living with dementia engage and interact.

Prompting the long term memory with artefacts and recognisable items from everyday and the past can often bring about meaningful conversations and memorable recollections to share and enjoy.

Happy Days has carefully created Antiques Roadshow & Reminisce, an activity and reminiscence pack providing fun for everyone.

This exclusive reminiscence pack includes original and new memorable items to help care teams engage and enrich social care – :

Vintage camera

Mushroom darner & Embroidery ring

Vinyl record & Cassette

Miniature T Pot or Cup & Saucer or Ornament

Dutch Shoe or Russian doll set

Flat Cap & Shaving Brush

Lace Gloves & Fine head scarf

Wooden Toy or Similar

Dolly Pegs

Compass or Union Jack Flag

Snakes & Ladders


Rubik Cube

Dish mop or Wooden Scrubbing Brush

Carbolic Soap

Lavender Bag

Vintage vehicle



Knitting Doll


Large Buttons in organza bag

2 x Vintage Classic Original Car or Rail Magazines

Colouring Cards – Around the Sixties

10 x Nostalgic or UK Destination Postcards [Either new or varied original postcards with messages]

1 x I Spy Book

1 x Pack 1950s Memorabilia / 1 Pack 1960s Memorabilia

1 x Antiques Road & Reminisce: Ideas Card – laminated

2 x Conversation Prompts

1 x Carer Tips Guide

Patterned Storage Box or Open Basket or Container

  • Please note – Should contents change slightly, they will always be similar quantity, quality and value