Baking Day Mini Memory Box & Memorabilia


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Happy Days Themed Memory Boxes are ideal to help people reminisce and participate in an activity.

Baking Day Mini is an ideal starter set to help people reminisce, chat and interact.


Cup Cake Storage Box

Pastry Brush


Pastry Cutters

Oven Glove

10 pieces memorabilia/postcard/photograph mix

Conversation Prompt Card

Carer Guide

Remember Baking Days.

Enjoy interacting with the person you care for … try on the oven glove, whisk and sort baking artefacts to encourage movement and social interaction for well-being.


Cup Cake or Patterned Storage Box

Whisk or other

Pastry Cutters

Oven glove

T Towel or other item

Pastry brush and more

Memorabilia: 10 pieces memorabilia/photograph/postcard mix

Conversation Prompt Card

Carer Guide

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