Reminiscence Display Unit Complete – Choose Your Theme


Product Description

At Happy Days, we are passionate about creating nostalgic environments to help people reminisce, engage and enjoy meaningful conversations for well-being.

Save time  – Let Happy Days create your display – Just order online and email your chosen theme direct to – phone direct on 07971-953620

Whether it’s a complete themed room, activity or quiet reminiscence lounge, a corridor or a spare space, we have experience in creating a wealth of colourful and interesting themed displays to help engage people, enrich community engagement by helping carers, residents and visitors communicate through visual, practical and nostalgic wall art, murals, interactive displays, memory baskets, retro accessories, memorabilia and more …

Happy Days Reminiscence Display includes:

1 x Wall Unit approx 185cm x 185cm [requires erecting – fix to wall for safe finish]

25 Nostalgic or Decorative themed items or displays for cube sections

  • Nostalgic containers contain Happy Days collection of themed memorabilia, photographs and postcards

Choose from:

Olde Fashioned Sweet & Curiosity Shop

Village Store

Garden Room / Potting Shed

By the Seaside

1950s/60s Kitchen Style

Craft Room

1950s/1960s Reminiscence & Activity Room

1950s/1960s Reminiscence – Relaxation Lounge

Ladies Reminiscence Lounge

Gents Reminiscence Lounge / Leisure Activity Room

Foyers & Corridors – Decorative or Choose your theme

We can help you create environments to suit your team’s chosen purpose, colour schemes, advise on themes and possibilities – and fit materials to suit your funding plans.

We look forward to hearing from you – email direct to or phone direct on 07971-953620 to discuss your care service user requirements, room, area or corridor to be enhanced, any themes you might consider, or budget.

Images are a sample – Materials may differ slightly but will always be of similar quality, quantity and value.


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