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For families, carers and visitors to share when caring for someone.

Makes an ideal gift …
Make everyone’s day easier with Happy Days Day Planner.

Know who’s visited, record medications, prompt activity ideas and more.

Happy Days attractive day planner is designed to help carers and families when caring for and elderly person or a person living with dementia. 

A person who has dementia may become confused or forget something that has happened during everyday life. A Happy Days Day planner is a place for family, carers, district nurse, friends or visitors to log their visits or messages so that close relatives can be informed of everyday activities to avoid repeat care. Knowing this information can be beneficial to carers when caring for someone with dementia and helpful to visitors when creating conversation and interaction for well-being.

Please note – pen not included with the special offer.

50 Peel off pages.

A4 size notepad style.