Door Wrap De Cal Decorative Door Wrap


Product Description

Decorative Door Coverings – Door-Cals are a quick and easy way to introduce differentiation into a corridor.

A corridor full with similar doors could be confusing for a person living with dementia.

Door coverings can help a person identify their own room.

Different colour door coverings may help to reduce the number of incidents where people enter the wrong room, thinking it is their own.

Colours: Contrast is a key consideration. Colours do not need to be bright and garish, but they should be distinguishable and contrast with the immediate surroundings.

Door-Cals are fire-rated and laminated so they’re resilient to impact and chemical cleaning products.

• Improve orientation
• Increase confidence
• Create stimulating environment

2 Styles: 6 panel or traditional

Various colours: See chart



Fire rating: 

The materials used to manufacture our Door-Cal carries a fire rating equivalent to the British ‘Class 0’ and complies with fire service recommendations.

• Self-adhesive
• Wide choice of colours (Specify your own colours with no additional cost)
• Specify your own dimensions if required
• Designed to suit most standard door formats

Standard size: 2115 x 980mm

Weight : 998g