Social Activity – Engagement – Design Workshop Script + Demonstration & Nostalgic Materials + License


Product Description

Engagement – Social Activity & Design Tips  Workshop Script by Gillian Hesketh MA

Script comes complete with engagement materials and license

Ideal for: 

Care Service & Support Teams – Freelance Trainers – Care Homes – Home Care – Dementia Cafes – Hospital Volunteers – Community & Day Centres

Help Your Care Team or Client Group Enrich Social Care for Elderly and People Living with Dementia …

Enrich engagement – Create meaningful surroundings – Impress Residents, Families & CQC inspectors

Social Interaction Workshop Script including Demonstration Materials – Handout Templates – Interactive & Nostalgic Materials – License is now available for you to purchase so you can present your own in-house training  or if you are a freelance trainer; to your clients.

  • Are you passionate about improving social well-being?
  • Are you a residential or dementia care provider? Do you run a home-care service?
  • Do you operate groups of hospital or community volunteers or dementia cafe?
  • Are you a freelance trainer and wish to provide a practical workshop to present dementia related engagement /activity tips?
The Happy Days Social Activity & Engagement Workshop for Care Teams has had some terrific responses and feedback from carers, care home managers and nurses. [Participant feedback forms available].
Present your own style workshop to your care team. The script is easy to follow and fully presented in hard copy and on USB.
Getting everyone to engage during a workshop is easy with Happy Days practical workshop script which is colour coordinated easy to use. Follow the script order – or create your own notes from the wealth of information and ideas. From basic dementia related facts, symptoms and information to stories to read out, there is much for everyone to engage, learn and be motivated by.
Ice Breaker – Engage participants in discussions – Encourage Role-play – Interact with resources and memory prompts – Learn Engagement Tips – Share Handouts – Let the fun begin: Everyone has the opportunity to engage with Themed Memory Boxes, Sorting Boxes and nostalgic materials.
Timing – Workshops can generally run for two hours plus refreshment break – It’s easy to edit your workshop to an hour or expand the workshop to utilise half a day – It’s up to you.
Workshop Delivery Checklist [ie don’t forget venue Health & Safety announcement / always ask permission is taking photograph]
Easy to edit according to your clientele, participant or topic focus – or timing.
Create your own pointer cards or slide show from the information provided.
Enjoy reading – practising and repeating workshops.

Workshop Script Package includes:

1 x Social Activities Workshop Script
5 x Handout Templates – hard copy plus USB with workshop pdfs loaded
1 x *License for 1 person – allowing you to print or photocopy script for prompting during workshops – or editing to your specific timescales.
*Not to be copied to or for other trainers, care services, companies, organisations or person.
Workshop Materials
Engagement materials to be used within the workshop for 10 participants – included items – example:
1 x Brand New GPO or other Retro Radio
10 x Gloves
10 x Glasses
10 x Name cards & pens
Beans, Wallets and demonstration materials [list available]
Demonstration & Engagement Materials
1 x Themed Memory Box with memorabilia pack
1 x Themed Memory Basket with memorabilia pack
1 x Sorting Box with carer guide and chat card
2 x Nostalgic Containers with collector cards
1 x Buttons or Stamps activity box
1 x Day Planner ©
2 x Talking Mats ©
1 x Emergency Numbers ©
1 x Getting Dressed Card ©
2 x Memorabilia Packs
3 x Conversation Prompt Cards Packs – Happy Days Time to Chat ©
1 x Around the 60s Happy Days Colouring Cards Pack ©
3 x Happy Days Memory Joggers ©
1 x Activity – Want – Needs Social Communication Board ©
5 x Carer Guides ©
*Materials may be updated but will always be of similar quantity, quality and value
As a workshop licensee, you  would be entitled to discounts and special offers on Happy Days products which you can sell to your clients at your preferred prices.
Email for in-house offers which may not be available on the website. – phone 01253-899163
Happy Days Communication Board© Activity – Wants – Needs
Happy Days Communication Board©

Happy Days Memory Joggers© Get to really know your resident, client, person you care for …

Happy Days Themed Memory Boxes © [sample images]
Happy Days Dementia Workshop Header Image copy
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