Happy Days Social Interaction Workshops – What the carers say …

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You can’t care for a person until you know about the person …

Our workshops are practical, interactive and presented in a light hearted way to help carers engage with elderly and people living with dementia to enrich social care for well-being

We have an average feedback score above 95% so far and if you don’t have fun engaging in our workshops, we’d want to know :)

Here are some comments from our carers                                                                                 [anonymous to protect the care provider and carer]

Was the content informative? 

‘Yes, very informative’ – ‘Lots of great ideas and fun’ – Excellent’

Was the content interesting?

‘Yes, very, very interesting’ – ‘It will be a tremendous resource’

Do you feel more able to help residents prompt memories and encourage interaction?

‘Most certainly’ – ‘Definitely’

Do you feel more equipped to participate in moments in time conversations and daily interaction with residents; people living with dementia? 

‘Yes definitely’ – ‘It was excellent’ – ‘Loved the ideas and resources’

What did you enjoy the most?  

‘Everything’ – ‘Great, really enjoyed it’ – ‘The whole package’

‘The presentation’ – ‘Memory Boxes – Sorting Boxes – Memory Jogger Books’

‘Engaging with memory boxes’ – ‘Getting Dressed & 1950/60s Colouring Books’

‘All the memory prompts’


You can care better for a person when you know the person …

If you feel well, this will reflect onto the person you are caring for.

Contact Gillian Hesketh direct line: 07971-953620

or email info@dementiaworkshop.co.uk for details.

Up to 10 persons – Handouts – Attendance certificate – Use of all nostalgic materials

includes travel Lancashire – Manchester – Liverpool – Cumbria venues.

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