Young People – Residential Care


Product Description

Eye-catching images, colourful illustrations, sensitive text and response areas can create an enjoyable interactive experience for children, young people and adults when expressing any difficulties they may be experiencing. Interaction resources may help care service professionals and support teams by expanding information relative and enable earlier intervention and support for well-being.

Children, Young People and Adults who have experienced traumatic events may need some help to understand what has happened in their world.

Happy Days Interactive Activity Pages provide a place for people in the family unit or community to identify individual personal difficulties, needs, wants or wishes. Examining practical, everyday obstacles, difficulties or needs or exploring emotional feelings may help a person’s understanding, re-construction, help to develop positive choices, coping strategies, planning ahead and self-care.

Creative writing and drawing interactive pages are a series of easy-to-use linked pages which address sensitive topics surrounding practical, physical and emotional difficulties which may be experienced when caring for someone else.

Initiating early or more specific support can be vital to a carer’s ongoing well-being.

Interactive Pages Include:

All About Me ~ My Caring Day ~ Who Can Help Me? ~ My High Five ~ Mobile Me ~  Too Many Thoughts ~ Got Somethin’ to Say? … ~ My Agenda ~ Teamwork – My Support Team ~ I’m Left Out ~ My Life in Traffic Lights ~  Jump for Joy ~ Shopping List for Life ~ Motivation Station ~ Get Fit – Get a Future ~ Dreams, Hopes and Wishes ~ How’ve I done so far?