Activity Apron – Dust & go Apron


Product Description

Happy Days Mini-Pinny is just great for residents who like to wander, dust and maintain everyday skills. With duster and soft scourer attached, everything stays in one place, allowing the activity to be repeated.

We often see or hear about residents who mime cleaning or painting tasks.

Happy Days Mini-Pinny has a duster and soft scourer attached by elastic to enable the person to act out these everyday chores.


Waist apron with tie fastening, buttons and ribbon.

Duster and Nylon Scourer are attached by elastic.

Mini [A6] Conversation Prompt Card – laminated.

*One size – please email if you require extra-large waist sizing.

*Please note – Soft yellow traditional dusters are a great tactile tool for prompting memories and encouraging everyday skills.

*Realistically, the rich yellow dye in traditional dusters often runs in the wash, so please try to wash duster separately – or after the apron – and dry items at a distance :)