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Product Description

Ideal for Residential Care, these lovely Happy Days© personal collages can help reminiscence. Seeing the visual links to a resident’s life story can help carers engage in meaningful conversation for well-being. Nostalgic wall art creates a wining environment which brings residents, carers, families, volunteers and visitors together when enriching social care for elderly or people living with dementia.

Nostalgic Displays ~ a collection of reminders for a residential care personal living spaces.

[Gents Interests – Ladies Interests – Mixed Interests available]

Get to really know your resident – these lovely pieces can tell your resident’s life story to help carers engage in meaningful conversations.

Hand made with care ~ Makes a lovely gift for a relative.

Nostalgic rooms, areas and corridors can help prompt memories for elderly and people living with dementia.

Prompting long term memory can bring about stories to share and help social well-being.

All sizes, themes and colour schemes available.

Simply email resident interests or post photographs to be included.

Contact Gillian: gillian@dementiaworkshop.co.uk or ‘phone me on 01253-899163 / 07971 953620 for ideas, themes and quotations.

Sample piece £79.00 standard format.