Nurturing Memory Basket with Soft Body ‘Baby Boy’, Accessories + Memorabilia Pack


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Many elderly people enjoy remembering happy times spent with their grand children or great grand children.

Spending our lives nurturing our children, baby-sitting our grand

 and holding our great grand children can create many happy memories for us to remember and recall.

For different reasons, some people who are living with dementia are comforted by the act of nurturing. Midwife, nurse or mother, we have seen and heard many positive outcomes when a person has the opportunity to be comforted by the act of nurturing.

Happy Days Nurturing Memory Basket contains a soft bodied baby style boy doll, baby blankets to wrap or fold, bottle, baby rattle, baby book, baby brush, book, knitting pattern, toys: all easily recognisable objects.


Starter memorabilia pack.

Conversation prompt card.

Carer guide.


Research and Feedback:

We’ve seen some wonderful responses from people engaging in nurturing. The ‘life-size baby doll can provide a meaningful sense of purpose and comfort, and especially for people living with dementia.  We understand that the idea of nurturing isn’t for everyone. To see who may benefit, place a baby/doll/soft toy on a chair in a social space i.e. lounge or activity room to see who takes up interest or demonstrates positive responses. A  baby/doll/soft toy/hug cushion can often provide a sense of comfort and reduce agitation.

If a resident becomes over-reactive to the nurturing activity, for example engagement is becoming all-consuming, make the basket available at various times rather than everyday/evening. Be aware that some residents may be sensitive to, or upset by this type of activity.

Generally, we see the smiles and it’s very rewarding to see someone comforted.

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