Olde Fashioned Sweet Shop / Grocer Shop – Full Accessory Pack


Product Description

Happy Days olde fashioned sweet shop can become a social hub, engaging a wider audience and encouraging residents to join in everyday events.

Enjoy sharing the sweet shop experience to bring residents, visitors, volunteers and care teams together to encourage interaction and enrich social care for well-being.

We can discuss styles and themes to help you choose counter and wall display unit – add your own Sweet Shop name …

Shops can be adapted to your space available, theme and colour scheme.

Let us price for your room size and contents – We suit your  budget, not ours.

Sweet shops or themed shops can include 4 x retro brand wall art, nostalgic containers, sweet jars, scales, vintage or retro telephone, bell, crates, curiosities, conversation prompts, carer guides and more.

 VAT not applicable.

Please allow 28+ days to prepare and collate materials for you.
Fixing of any wall unit[s], hanging pictures and lighting [actual or effect] are not included – Please arrange your organisation’s fitting teams
* Please note images are guides
For further details and price options, please email gillian@dementiaworkshop.co.uk.

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