Olde Fashioned Sweet Shop – Starter Pack 1


Product Description

Priced on room size and contents – We suit your area and budget, not ours.

Happy Days olde fashioned sweet shop can become a social hub, engaging a wider audience.

Enjoy sharing the sweet shop experience to bring residents, visitors, volunteers and care teams together to encourage interaction and enrich social care for well-being.

We can discuss styles and themes for your shelving and counter – add your own Sweet Shop name …

Here’s a sample package to help you begin your themed sweet shop project:

  • Please note, this list of items is to accessorise your sweet shop and does not include counter or shelving. [Please See Sweet Shop Complete]

4 x Nostalgic sweet / chocolate themed framed wall art

4 x metal signs brand images

1 x Old fashioned telephone

1 x Sweet Dispenser

1 x Scales with weights

1 x Stack of 5 Wooden mini-crates with rope handles

1 x Counter Bell and Crochet Mat

1 x Happy Days Wooden Crate

Nostalgic Books and Games according to this package or your chosen budget.

10 x Nostalgic containers

4 x Nostalgic containers including memorabilia

10 Nostalgic Brands Postcards – new

1 x Wall Mounted Hook Board

4 x Curiosities

5 x Nostalgic Games

4 x Packs Happy Day Time to Chat laminated conversation prompt cards

5 x Carer Guides

Plus more items – list will be provided

*If you already have some of the items, we can swop materials in the package for other games or curiosities as required.

Includes delivery – VAT not applicable.
Please allow 28+ days to prepare and collate materials for you.
Fixing of any wall unit[s], hanging pictures and lighting [actual or effect] are not included – Please arrange your organisation’s fitting teams
* Please note images are guides – materials may differ slightly but will always be of similar quantity, quality and value.
email happydayspublishing@yahoo.co.uk for further details and price options.