PG Tips & Reminiscence Cards


Product Description

Prompt tea-time memories with this nostalgic tea canister.

Ideal for displaying and chatting.


Replica collector cards and miniature memorabilia to help prompt memory and bring about stories to share and enjoy.

Includes sample pieces of either: dominoes, scrabble letters or monopoly money.

Brighten up your kitchen or work-place too.

*Please note – If you remember collecting cards from cigarettes, soap powders and chocolates, you may remember that the cards are small. Adding these cards to the containers is more about remembering the act of saving the collector cards which might be prompted by handling their shape, size or recalling the many themes rather than reading the text – The text on the reverse of these cards is very small.

* Contents may differ slightly but will always be of equal quantity, quality and value.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg