Picture Bingo


Product Description

Picture Bingo is designed to be a multi-use product for maximum cost and care effect – Play Bingo or use cards as a memory prompt for conversation and interaction.

Play Bingo – Ideal for anyone to play and also people who are living with early – mid stage dementia or people with limited attention or concentration span.

Handy for Activity Coordinators – Save time sourcing and creating:


A4 Picture Bingo cards – Matt laminated for 6 people.

24 x  A4 Picture cards – for showing and/or describing the object – laminated for sip-clean.

Coloured counters or buttons.

Use as on-to-one for conversations – Pictures can help people identify objects or prompt memory to engage in meaningful conversation or encourage activity.

You could also use  the counters or buttons to count, sort or  transfer into containers – This can often help a person maintain skills – hand-eye coordination – fine motor skills – calm agitation – enjoy interaction.

Includes quality printed storage container with label

Carer Guide

Conversation Prompt Card

Share with grandchildren, carers, friends and support teams.

Ideal for residential and dementia care homes.

We thank you for understanding the cost of this item as it is a hand-made by a local start-up.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg