Premium Wash – Engage & Chat Set


Product Description

Maintaining skills is an important part of helping people to stay involved in everyday life.

Engaging in and maintaining everyday skills can prompt meaningful conversations, provide a sense of mastery, help to calm agitations and assist blood flow.

Benefits to carers:

Packages are ‘Ready to Go’ –  ‘Ready to Use’ are cost effective and can save you time – Wash Day package includes:

Wooden Clothes Maiden [Clothes Horse]

Wash Basket

Assortment of coloured T towels, and cloths to sort and fold – plus handkerchiefs or socks. Some people with dementia often engage in repeated behaviour – folding may help calm agitation

Carbolic soap – using the senses – the strong smell of carbolic soap often triggers memories and stories

A selection of cleaning brushes – differing textures often help people remember objects

Wooden dolly pegs – always a favourite for prompting stories from daily life

Bucket – [metal in cream or silver colour]

Wooden sign – or other  [Laundry or Happiness topic]

Peg bag

Replica 1950’s Memorabilia – Photographs – Nostalgic Postcards [all in PVC press-stud wallet].

Carer Guide

Conversation Prompt Card

* Please note – items may differ slightly but will always equal same quantity, value and high quality.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg