Tips for Care Home Social Areas

Happy Days ~ Tips for Residential Social Areas

Entrance Porch, Foyer:

Try to keep only the important and necessary information on show ~ De-clutter paperwork on entrance walls.

Too much information or information that is too wordy is often avoided by the intended audience. Visitors may have endured a long journey, rushed from work or be fitting in lots of calls in one day and may avoid too many details ~ Use images to message visitors.

Do encourage visitors to participate in a shared activity with the person they are visiting. Feeling useful and generating meaningful conversation often helps carers and visitors feel good about their visit.

‘Advertise’ your Memory baskets ~ One-day jigsaw puzzles ~ Memory prompts for conversation and Memorabilia on your entrance notice board using a picture of the activity with an invitation to your visitor.

Residential Care spaces:

Social living areas or corridor names can have added meaning if an image can be created in the name ie:

Meadows Crescent ~ Woodlands ~ Cherrywood ~ Rosewood ~ Sunflower ~ Bluebell ~ Daffodil ~ Rose Garden ~

or places [fact or fiction or after a local street]:

Coronation Street ~ Waterloo Road ~ Market Street ~ Church Street ~ Princess Way ~ Park Lane ~ Mayfair

Street Signage


Lounges, Leisure and Dining Areas:

Try to choose wall art pieces with interesting content and extended meaning.

Avoid blank colours, spots and stripes which by nature, cannot prompt memories.

Replace dried or silk flower arrangements regularly as they can fade or even wilt.

Brighten up dark or dull corners.

Update social areas with nostalgic materials, images and displays

Create food corridors en-route to dining rooms …


Consider Happy Days 1950s Living Room Scene Wallpaper – Create a 1950s feel – recognise everyday items: camera – magazine – green shield stamps – ration book and more on this interesting scene around fifties living. Just paste and apply in less than a day. Re-papering of one wall can be easily arranged and cost effective when generating fresh environments for comfort.


Wallpaper - Just paste and apply the 6 Pieces


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