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We know how much energy, patience and time is required when caring for elderly or people living with dementia at home or living in a residential home. We have seen carers hurrying through corridors to attend to residents’ needs; helping people with direction, distracting some from unsuitable locations, holding someone’s hand who feels lost and giving out hugs unconditionally. We also know and understand that many carers are time-short.

Speaking to residents’ relatives and friends, carers and volunteers, we have learned that people often experience those silent moments when visiting ~ the times when you just can’t think of anything to say or do with the person you are visiting. Visitors often revealed that they felt visiting times weren’t fulfilling for themselves or their relative. Carers reported how visits often ‘fall off’ when a visitor feels a sense of inadequacy; that visiting is somehow pointless.

Happy Days has created a Social Activities Collection for Visitors  to enjoy with their relatives and friends when visiting at residential homes, rehabilitation centres or hospitals. Encouraging visitors to interact with their relatives and friends can be beneficial to everyone:

Visitors can feel useful and enjoy shared moments with the person they love.

Carers gain extra minutes whilst residents are accompanied.

Residents are entertained, share special moments, enjoy enhanced sense of well-being.


The Social Activities Collections can include themed memory boxes, activity boxes, conversation prompt cards, activity aprons, nostalgic games,  interesting artefacts to prompt memory and encourage interaction. Themed assortments provide replica memorabilia, postcards, vintage replica vehicles and gadgets to encourage movement, maintain skills and practice fine motor skills. Engage and Enjoy. Hear the Stories – See the Smiles

Suggest a Social Activities Area for your residential care home … packages from £99.00

Activity Packages can suit your residents – and your budget, not ours

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