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1960s Newspaper Man on the Moon 1969 Replica News

I doesn’t take long to get tongues wagging when you have a replica newspaper to prompt memories of events, experiences and stories. For example a 1969 Replica Newspaper with it’s memorable heading The First Footstep above a fabulous moon landing photograph is quite likely to prompt the long term memory. Happy Days has a wide […]

Thirty-five Things To Do At Home If You’re Isolated By The Coronavirus By Gillian Hesketh - Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design

Things To Do If You’re Isolated At Home By The Coronavirus

If you find yourself isolated at home due to restrictions or others enduring the coronavirus, here’s some tips to keep busy: Thirty-five Things To Do At Home If You’re Isolated By The Coronavirus, By Gillian Hesketh, Happy Days Dementia Workshop & Design. Please feel free to share … If you’re well, please consider elderly neighbours, […]

Activity & Engagement Prompts by www.dementiaworkshop.co.uk

Engage and Interact with Happy Days Chat & Memory Prompts

Everyday engagement in residential and dementia care homes is something we are passionate about. Everyone is individual and although many residents may enjoy joining in group activities, we all know that some people prefer a perhaps quieter, simpler or one-to-one engagement. This creates another level of engagement planning for Activity Coordinators. We like to think […]

Dementia Activities Catalogue by Happy Days Dementia Workshop

Care Homes – Home Care – Hospitals – Dementia Cafes … We have something for you …

If you are a: Residential Care Home Dementia Care Home Hospital  Community Centre / Hub Rehabilitation Centre Dementia Cafe / Drop in Centre … we have all sorts of nostalgic games, conversation prompts, activities, jigsaw puzzles and more to get those tongues wagging and keep those fingers busy. Just take a tour around the website […]