Ines Kirby Deputy CEO &b Head of Dementia Care, Borough Care, Stockport

Ines Kirby, Head of Dementia Care, Deputy CEO, Borough Care, Stockport Your package arrived safely and beautifully put together. Thanks for all your effort and patience regarding our demands. Your delivery was extremely well organised, especially all the plans; the material was overwhelming and we are 150% satisfied. It was joyful to look at all […]

Happy Days – Dementia Workshop for Dementia Living – Client Portfolio

Happy Days Dementia Workshop is proud to provide service for people who care: NHS – Blackpool Victoria – UMBHT – Lancaster Royal Infirmary Blackpool Carers Centre Borough Care Stockport ~ Residential Care Cherish UK Quantum Care Alternative Futures Caxton Lodge Residential Care Home Charity Chic Health Care Services Royal British Legion Thornton Care Limited Admiral […]

College of Technology – Student Support Centre

We have used Happy Days Publishing’s resources to support students in school who have faced some challenges with their emotional wellbeing and behaviour. The worksheets are easy to use and helped to promote discussions with students who sometimes found it difficult to talk about the daily challenges they face. Happy Days Publishing were able to […]